Wilderness Machines

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Wilderness Machines

Sat, 04.02.2017
11:00 - 15:00
HKW - K1

The impact of our extended body on the environment, defined by technologies and infrastructures is becoming increasingly apparent. Scar tissue is forming on the Earth’s surface and the Anthropocene is the proposed name of this event. In this workshop, participants are invited to explore how environmental empathy can be embodied by technology. The starting point is the behavioral signature (phenology) of one or two, large indigenous animals to Germany and their ecological role in the landscape. Can we design something that contributes to ecological processes and biodiversity, which cascades down an entire ecosystem like the groundbreaking experiment of reintroducing the wolf at Yellowstone National Park? How can a “wilderness machine” move and interact within the local landscape? The goal is to design a representative model for a potential concept vehicle at the end of the workshop.

Participants should bring laptops, binoculars, and any exploration or design tools considered helpful.