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Press Accreditation

In order to receive a press accreditation for the excursions "Interventions" (18 February 2017, ver.di) and "Ecologies" (24 February 2017, silent green Kulturquartier) as well as for the  "Closing Weekend" (4 and 5 February 2017, HKW) please get in touch with the transmediale press office.

For press access to the special exhibition "alien matter" please sign up via filling up following form:


Press Images

Exhibition "alien matter" views
transmediale Opening Night (02.02.2017)
Festival: Day two (03.02.2017)
Festival: Day three (04.02.2017)
Festival: Day four (05.02.2017)
Excursion: Imaginaries 8 Feb 2017

Partner exhibition "On the Far Sides of the Marchlands"
transmediale Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2017

transmediale 2017 ever elusive: design
Press preview images

Press Kit

Facts & Figures
ever elusive | Info
ever elusive | Curatorial Statement
General information about transmediale
Curator biographies
Conference Program
Exhibition "alien matter" | Info
Exhibition "alien matter" | Artist biographies
Exhibition "alien matter" | Artwork descriptions
Film & Video program
Month of program | Overview
Month of program | Info
Design Concept ever elusive
CTM 2017: Fear Anger Love
Partners and Supporters
General information about Kulturprojekte Berlin
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Press Releases

Thirty years of transmediale:Excursions Interventions and Ecologies

Thirty years of transmediale: Monthly program

Thirty years of transmediale: ever elusive opens on 2.2. at HKW

Thirty years of transmediale: Partner program

Thirty years of transmediale: Highlights

Thirty years of transmediale: Special exhibition explores "alien matter"

ever elusive – thirty years of transmediale


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