excursion: interventions

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The Interventions excursion focuses on new approaches to immanent critique, opposition, and collective organization in relation to the crisis of data-driven politics and digital populism. It examines the possibilities and constraints of critical empowerment when political parties, security agencies, and platform companies embrace disruptive practices and subversive strategies. What happens when we reach a point of failure in emancipatory politics? How can we create new territories for reflection and resistance? Through workshops, panels, and performative events participants elaborate on emerging alternatives involving the alien and machinic, and the historical and unregistered, promoting the escape from common narratives and a move toward new engaging practices and forms of organization.

The excursion takes place at the headquarters of ver.di, one of the largest independent trade unions in the world. The union was founded in 2001 and draws members from over 1,000 occupations. With its diversity and size, ver.di offers support by putting pressure on the state to achieve acknowledgment, solidarity, and justice for issues affecting contemporary working life. For more than four years, ver.di has worked as one of the only trade unions in the world to organize Amazon workers calling for fairer pay and working conditions.