excursion: ecologies

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The Ecologies excursion features new artistic research into messy disperse ecologies, which characterize planetary life as it is re-constructed in flows of data, capital, and natural resources. Understanding how planetary systems work requires multidimensional thinking, and so, collaborative and interdisciplinary frameworks will emerge throughout the excursion. By embracing the topic from a geopolitical perspective, the problematics of scale are brought into the foreground, and ways for connecting the micro- and macro-political in DIY artistic practices as well as interdisciplinary research projects will be proposed. The program also deals with the resource heavy realities of technology and its impact on the earth from a geological “deep time” perspective, and looks at new approaches to the earth's own media such as mushrooms and rocks.

Two artistic research initiatives will present themselves on this day: the Mycelium Network Society and Shift Register.

The excursion takes place at silent green Kulturquartier, a former crematorium in Wedding that was converted into a cultural venue. Among other cultural initiatives and artist studios, silent green houses the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art archive, the Harun Farocki Institut, and the research and exhibition space SAVVY Contemporary. silent green’s mission is to transcend boundaries between different disciplines and promote new hybrid art forms between practice, theory, research, and application. The Ecologies excursion takes place in the impressive cupola, which was a former mourning hall—a site of changing material and immaterial ecologies representing cycles of life, death, and rejuvenation.


11:00–15:00, Workshop

15:00, Doors open – Installations
T-shroom, Mycophone_unison, myco_logick

15:00, myco-logick – Balloon Launch

16:00–17:30, Introduction and Talk

18:00, Earth Observatory Array Activation Ritual

18:30–20:00, Lecture

21:00–21:30, Performance


Shift Register (with Jamie Allen, Martin Howse), Mycelium Network Society (with Art bureau OPEN & Katrīna Neiburga, Shu Lea Cheang, Anil Podgornik & Saša Spačal & Mirjan Švagelj, Simon GmajnerFranz Xaver & Taro), Art Laboratory Berlin (Christian de Lutz & Regine Rapp), Elvia Wilk, Joanna Zylinska